Exciting Part Shop – Garage Sweet Tooth.

The curtain has been pulled back and Garage Sweet Tooth is open for business.. And boy do we have some tasty treats for you! At Garage Sweet Tooth you can expect to find all aspects of car customization such as Interior Dress-UP items, Exterior Dress-UP items, Clothing, Merchandise and other Japanese automotive accessories.

Garage Sweet Tooth is born out of a love for Japanese car culture from the Shōwa-Era. We are dedicated to bringing exciting parts and dress-up items for all styles of Japanese car customization. Sweet Tooth is headed by Ben and Rob – Two friends who share a common goal in bringing car customization to the next level outside of Japan.

At Garage Sweet Tooth – You will find rare, one of a kind items that may add that final touch to your car whether it be a Bōsōzoku Brawler to a Drift Missile. Everything we have collected is from the motherland. We hope that you enjoy what we do, and what we are trying to achieve. Please take a look at what we have in stock, You might be surprised!.