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Stripped from a GX81. The HKS PFC F-CON is a plug-in fuel management system designed to supplement and refine the OEM fuel curve to maintain a proper air/fuel mixture when increasing boost pressure in turbocharged applications. The PFC F-CON optimizes the factory injector pulse width signal by recalibrating information obtained by both the PFC F-CON absolute pressure sensor and the OEM engine control unit (ECU).

Each unit is application specific and includes a preprogrammed ROM for a particular performance stage. A Fuel Cut Defencer (FCD) is also included in certain PFC F-CON kits to override the factory fuel cutoff.

The PFC F-CON offers easy integration via a plug-in vehicle specific wiring harness and a compact pressure sensor.

If additional adjustment of the PFC F-CON is needed, fine-tuning can be performed via the plug-in HKS Graphic Control Computer (GCC).


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