Vintage Old Stock 70’s Tengu Charm


A once in a chance lifetime to own something as cool as this. I recently picked up this really cool shop display with the old tengu charms still attached. Please check the photosย  – These are not reproductions. These are hand painted, and you will never find another one like it still in its original packing.

Tengu hanging omamori ornament to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. This particular omamori is designed to display in a car as protection against accidents. The main script reads โ€œkaiunโ€ (open the path to good fortune) and โ€œyakuyokeโ€ (prevent evil). The smaller script reads โ€œkanai anzenโ€ (please keep my family safe and well) and โ€œkoutsu anzenโ€ (drive safely/ safe journey). Tengu are a class of supernatural creatures found in Japanese folklore, art and literature.

Only 1 left in stock